Wahre Liebe and Mythos Drums Bundle

24,95  15,00 

„Wahre Liebe Drums and Mythos Drums VST-Rompler“. Perfect and ready to play electronic 80´s drumsounds for example with pad controllers like Novation Launch Pad or standard midi/usb keyboards. 64 electronic oldstyle 80´s sounds with global pitch, lowcut filter and reverb. Also for each kind of sound volume and pan mixer knobs. sounds playable  from C0 – C7 octave. The Download included Win32/64 Bit, Mac 2 &3 and Audio Unit for Mac. Listen to the demo. First you will hear the pure Wahre Liebe and Mythos Drums with a little bit internal room reverb. After it with a little synth and bass melodie. Have Fun.