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Welcome to the 808 wall vst sample rompler. This instrument comes with 64 pads filled with 808 drum sounds. It has a 8×8 sample rom matrix, a low frequency filter, global pitch and volume and pan for each instrument. The pads can be coloured by mouse click to get a better overview wich sound play. 8 different instrument sounds will help you to get the right sound to make music. For example: Kick 1  C-0, Kick 1  C-2, Kick 3  C-3 . That´s for all instruments.  Listen to the Sounds. First Demo, pure sound,  second filtered sound, third reverb, fourth pitch. It comes for win32/64 Bit, Mac 2&3 and Audio Unit for Mac and it´s a start for a new drum collection we made. Have Fun.


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